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A Few of Our Current Projects

Web Design  •  Video Production  •  Photography

 Visit Miller Family Pediatrics new website by clicking on the photo above...

Visit Miller Family Pediatrics new website by clicking on the photo above...

Scott Miller

Pediatrics on a Mission

I first met Scott Miller when I was hired by Debra Wilson of S'cool Moves to produce an interview with Scott that she wanted to document. She said he had a unique experience and perspective on pediatric care and illness diagnosis in children. Boy, was that ever an understatement. I produced the interview into three short segments that you can see here. What I learned from my interview with Scott was astounding and deeply moving—a unique and insightful perspective on the impact that sleep derivation has on the pediatric population in America. Mr. Miller is a Physician Assistant with specialized training in pediatric medicine and sleep disorders. Recently, he opened the Miller Family Pediatric Clinic in Washougal, Washington, and though the Clinic has only been open a short time, it is thriving, seemingly overnight. As you listen to Scott's interview, this will not surprise you. It has been a pleasure to work with Scott and his staff as we created his new web presence, as well as a number of short videos that will be featured on the site, demonstrating little known tips, tricks and secrets of infant care and more. 

A few more sites...


The Olivia II, a fishing skiff moored on the Lagoon side of Majuro in the Marshall Islands.

Video & Music Production  •  Photography

Canvasback Missions

199 Eye Surgeries on the Equator

In the Spring of this year, Lana and I were commissioned by Canvasback Missions to create a number of video productions that captured the amazing free medical work Canvasback was scheduled to provide in the Marshall Islands. We spent two June weeks in Majuro, filming and learning about the Marshallese people and the impact that Canvasback programs have in the lives of these beautiful souls. In all, the Canvasback Team (made ups of 16 doctors, nurses and volunteer staff) completed 199 eye surgeries, including one little 6-year old boy who was born with congenital cataracts and had been legally blind since birth. Robuti's Miracle is moving account of how the Canvasback Team gave back sight to this special little boy. Robuti was an inspiration to us all. The production features an original score and candid footage shot in realtime. To see additional stories from this trip. Click on the button to the right to visit the Canvasback Theater. 

Robuti's Miracle - A Six Year Old Boy Get's His Sight


Perhaps my favorite photo Lana has ever captured. Taken Summer of '16 of our four daughters on a family trip to Denmark...



Web Design  •  Video Production  •  Photography

Christopher Mark

A New Kind of Medspa

If you live anywhere near Seattle, you've got to meet Chris.We met him on our recent trip to Majuro. Chris was the CRNA (anesthetist) on the trip and we got to see his altruistic side in action (he's volunteered on many medical mission trips). But we also learned about his other life in Bellevue, Washington. Chris is a master with the needle and owns and operates Christopher Mark Medspa, specializing in facial contouring injectables like Botox, Microneedling with PRP, and Prescription Grade Skincare Products. We've had an amazing time learning about Chris's world of beauty, facial correction & enhancement. We've designed a new website presence for Christopher Mark, and created marketing campaigns featuring video demonstrations of several of the procedures available. You can check one out to the right here on Chris' new AccuVein System that prevents bruising when applying injectables. Next is a Botox treatment of the masseter muscle, and then a Juvederm lip augmentation demonstration. Lastly, an introduction to Rejuvapen Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma, using a patient's own platelets to supercharge the collagen growth factor in their skin. Christopher Mark is a natural on camera and gives us a rare view into the medspa world...


Image Design

jdpdes1gns provides Image Package Development in the list of services for Christopher Mark Medspa. In this process we redevelop primary image components, including revising existing logos, designing new logos for new products, product names and style applications. This is an exciting and very creative process where we work closely with Christopher Mark himself to help realize his vision for the next growth phase of his company.

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