Video Creation

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The technology of video production has changed dramatically over the years. What used to take literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in camera and editing equipment can largely be accomplished with an iPhone, two LED lights and a Mac. Just ask any teenage kid today. Amazing. What hasn't changed, though, is the art of storytelling—that's where the magic begins. A good storyteller knows how to weave the arc of a storyline with just the right mix of narrative, visuals, music/soundtrack, effects and editing to draw the viewer in and deliver the message with emotive impact. As a producer or director you know it's right when it feels right, and so does the audience. Timing is everything—listening to and dancing with the production elements until they become transparent, leaving only the intended message visible. 

I wish I could tell you that I reach this Nirvana every time. I don't. Nobody does. But it's what I strive for with each production. I am passionate about creating beautiful productions that tell your story. That doesn't always mean complex. Often the most powerful impact is achieved through simplicity. But always the best result comes through clarity, communication and creativity. I'd love to talk with you about your project/story. If I'm the right one to tell it, we'll both know. You can reach me through the button below...


Robuti's Miracle - A Canvasback Missions Story

Video acquisition, editing and original music score by Jaime Parra.

Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands, 2017