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Canvasback Missions

199 Eye Surgeries on the Equator

In the Spring of this year, Lana and I were commissioned by Canvasback Missions to create a number of video productions that captured the amazing free medical work Canvasback was scheduled to provide in the Marshall Islands. We spent two June weeks in Majuro, filming and learning about the Marshallese people and the impact that Canvasback programs have in the lives of these beautiful souls. In all, the Canvasback Team (made ups of 16 doctors, nurses and volunteer staff) completed 199 eye surgeries, including one little 6-year old boy who was born with congenital cataracts and had been legally blind since birth. Robuti's Miracle is moving account of how the Canvasback Team gave back sight to this special little boy. Robuti was an inspiration to us all. The production features an original score and candid footage shot in realtime. To see additional stories from this trip. Click on the button to the right to visit the Canvasback Theater. 

Robuti's Miracle - A Six Year Old Boy Get's His Sight